Jenn • Nov’19 baby on the way🤰🏻💗

so this year my SO and I decided to TTC, but rather than stressing so much about it I decided you know what I’m gonna go on about my days, & whenever it happens it’ll happen, it’s March and so far no +, my window just closed so now I’m low key waiting lol, anyways, I have seasonal allergies which if not treated by pills, I’ll get bad sinus 🤧 my in law advised to not take any meds other than my prenatal to avoid any risks, I listened and boom, my allergies were untreated and I’m currently suffering a bad case of sinus, i said screw that I’m dying, I felt and currently still do, feel shitty as hell, went to the doc, got meds and I’m on meds rn, she looked at me today and said are you all keeping it safe? I’m like why? And she said, trying to have a baby? Bc you’re on meds, what if you’re pregnant? ... so I just stayed quiet like “I’m not pregnant & I’m dying from allergies” :(

I get she’s watching out for me, but now I’m like damn, kind of thinking on it a little too much