I’m not really hungry other than like one or two times a day. I’m just bored and eat. And cause of that I’m getting into a bad habit I use to have when I use to weigh like 170 pounds. And when I stopped doing that I went from 170 to 115-120. And now I’m 5 months pregnant and I’ve went from 120 to 135. And gaining weight pretty fast. Obviously I’m gunna be gaining weight I’m growing another human. Buuuut. The very fast weight gain I know is just from eating SO much more than I should be. (And you can definitely obviously tell in my thighs) but I’m trying to stop. But again. Pregnant. Which means I have these dumb cravings for things that I easily have around me usually so I eat them when I want them. When I know instead of like. Ice cream and potato chips I should just eat like. An apple. But I have the worst self restraint honestly. Idek why I’m writing this on here. Idk like. Just ranting about stuff I guess 😂