Do you see it??

First off, I have an appointment but it is next week.

So, I am late. As of right now, I am a week late. For the last 2 years, I’ve been like clockwork. My fiancé can def attest to that. The first 2 pictures are from Saturday & Sunday. The last 2 are from today. They were all taken within the time frame.

Here is what’s throwing me off... I had my tubes removed going on 3 years. Yes I am dead serious. I thought I was late due to stress. (I’ve been super stressed because of legal things going on with my ex husband and I’ve been trying to keep my kids out of it.) I am still saying I’m late because of the stress because I refuse to believe there are vvfl like my best friend & sister have said. How in the world could I even be pregnant if my tubes were removed??? Y’all I am stressing more.

Sat & Sun.