cats and babies

I have 2 cats, about 4.5 years old, who have been my babies since I brought them home. It was just me and them until my boyfriend moved in and since then it’s been just us. We don’t entertain people over a lot or anything so the cats are friendly but not overly exposed to large amounts of people or anything.

Trying to prepare them for baby and I’m kind of nervous. I’m worried the cry will freak them out, that they’ll become jealous or territorial, have bathroom defiance issues or otherwise destroy things or just be super stressed out.

Anyone have any tips? I read to play sounds of baby crying to prepare them, and also introduce the smell before bringing baby home. Anyone else do something different or specific that worked? Or feel that cats, like dogs, often sense the vulnerability of the baby and become protective more than defiant?

Any help to ease my cat momma AND baby momma mind would help. TIA!!!