this is a post for all the people on here to read. if you think you have herpes, or you don’t know what herpes looks like during an outbreak (because let’s be real the pictures they show you in school or on google are mostly over dramatic) this is for you. i’m tired of seeing posts “OMG IS THIS HERPES” & its literally an ingrown hair or razor burn. here is a little information i’ve gathered & some pictures & a little bit about me and how i got herpes.

-if you think you have herpes please go get tested to find out. free clinics will test you.

-they make wonderful medication that you can take to prevent outbreaks (i currently can’t take any because i’m pregnant and my doctor won’t prescribe me any medicine until my third trimester)

-ITS NOT THE END OF YOUR LIFE. you can go YEARS without ever having an outbreak.

-please inform any sexual partners that you have it.

-about 67% of people in the entire world are affected with herpes. that means 1 out of every 6 people are affected. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

-if you are pregnant, you are likely to get more outbreaks due to the hormones you produce. this is why your doctor will prescribe you medication in the third trimester to help prevent outbreaks close to delivery so you CAN deliver vaginally. the only circumstance where you wouldn’t (and need a c-section) is if you have an active outbreak at the time of labor.

-if you had herpes before you get pregnant your baby will NOT be born with it. (the virus will already be dormant in your body) if you get herpes while you are pregnant the chances of your baby getting it are high.

this is what a common outbreak looks like on the genitals

this is what a common outbreak looks like on the mouth

yes both of these pictures are me. i made the choice to get herpes from my long time partner and now husband who had it before me. we now have a little boy on the way and i couldn’t be happier.

please be careful, you can get it from anything, drinking after someone who has an active outbreak on their mouth (be careful women will cover it up and good too) sexual intercourse, oral sex, or simply coming into contact with it.

i wanted to make this post so people like me don’t feel alone, and know that it’s not the end of the world.

i hope this truly helps someone & and please if you have any questions at all just comment message me & i will get back with you 😊