Mommy of a clubfoot baby

As a mom there have been three days, so far, that have really challenged me the most. The first, when I was 20 weeks pregnant and heard the words, "your son has a birth defect" for the first time. The second, when my son began his treatment and got his first casts. And the third, yesterday, when he had his tendons cut. Walking into that room after his surgery and seeing his tiny little feet turn black was hard. Trying to comfort him while he screamed as they were casting him after surgery was even harder. But today, as I sit and look at my otherwise perfectly healthy, happy little boy, I cant help but feel grateful his condition isnt something much worse. He has just one road block on his way to a normal childhood and many other kids and parents go through far worse. We really are so blessed to have our sweet little clubfoot boy. 💙