What’s your story?


Hey ladies! I’m back! It’s been a while but I forgot how much I love this incredible community.

So when hubby and I are TTC we like to just keep it between us. We find the extra pressure of family and friends knowing is too much for us. With that being said, I’m going crazy playing the waiting game and not talking to anyone but him about it! So ... tell me your story! Here’s mine:

Hubby and I first started TTC for our first about 2 years ago. In that February, we had a chemical pregnancy. I was so mad at myself for testing early. If I had waited we probably never would have known and it would have spared us a world of heartbreak. After the loss, we decided to take a break from trying and then found out we were pregnant in May! It took us five months total to get that BFP.

Our son is now 13 months and we started trying for baby #2 around his birthday in January. I thought for sure I was pregnant last month. I was experiencing alllll the symptoms but it was just a terrible period. I know two months isn’t that long but it surely feels like FOREVER.

Plus, everyone around me gets pregnant SO easily. My best friend by mistake, my other friend on the first try, and my sister in law the first try too (both times!) It’s so so so so hard not to play the comparison game, especially when the baby fever is so strong.

So that’s me! What’s your story?