Return to work after 2nd baby?

I’m so torn about what to do after baby #2 arrives (my first is 2 yrs now). I’m in the US so maternity leave is limited, though I got 12 weeks unpaid last time. After having my daughter I cut my hours at work down from full time to part time. Now that I’m expecting again, I can’t bear the thought of returning to work after baby arrives. My job is OK, not awful but not where I want to spend my life. Pay is mediocre. I honestly want to start my own business but hubby and I need my income to help cover our expenses (he works full time and makes most of the $). I’ve run the numbers on what my business could make starting out, and it mean a substantial cut to what we bring in now. I want to do work that I’m passionate about, but it will mean tight times right when we have baby #2... Is this the wrong time to be considering a change? I guess being pregnant is just making me reconsider my life 😂😂😂 Anyone else unsure what to do, or have advice?