$4,800 deductible, $8,800 out of pocket max. Help

My insurance term resets in July, I’m due in August. What does that mean? Can I get my insurance to extend the term for one more month? If I can’t, what is going to happen? If I meet my deductible this term ($4,800) and then it resets and I have my baby, will I need to dish out $4,800 again before my insurance kicks in?

Any tips/tricks on saving? Has anyone here been in this same situation? Once it resets in July, can I switch my coverage to a low deductible plan effective in August?

What are the chances I’ll even meet my deductible from now til July...? We rarely go to the doctor anyway and all major expenses will be in August. Maybe this isn’t as bad as I’m thinking and I’ll only have to dish out $4,800 once