I would've been 😢

Abigail • Stay at home wife/ crazy cat lady and mommy to angel baby. Due in March with our rainbow girl!

As of today I would have been 26 weeks. I should've been picking out stuff for your nursery and cute outfits for you to wear. I would've known you were a boy or girl. I shouldve been picking out your name with daddy. I would've been proudly showing off my baby bump taking pics every 5 seconds. I wouldn't care about any discomfort cause you would've been worth it. I would've been preparing the birth plan for you and packing a hospital bag for when the time came. I should've been annoying daddy with my food cravings and constantly having to use the bathroom. By now I should've been waddling everywhere I go and your daddy would be smiling and calling me his penguin.

But I'm not. Right now I'm staring at the empty flat stomach were you should be. Right now across the hall from our room is where you nursery should be but its empty. I'll never know if you were going to be a daddy's girl or mommy's boy. Those tiny shoes that would've been yours are sitting in a box with your only picture and the test we took telling us that I

was carrying you. I can't stand looking at them because I will cry knowing that your not here with me.

I'm not okay and I'll never be the same cause I will always think of what could've been.