I need help, Military Spouse opinions.

My husband is currently deployed. We spent months fighting over where I should live while he is gone, I wanted to stay near base but he convinced me I would be lonely. So I up and packed the house up by myself after he deployed and moved everything, myself and belongings, his belongings and our dog across the country from Tennessee to New York so I can live with his family. So “we” can save money. But the money goes straight into his account, an account he does not let me touch (he fought me about using his card to buy our dog his food). $1600+ of BAH & BAS that goes straight to him. Money that he gets for being married, money that’s supposed to be used for housing, food and finances. I picked up my whole life, I have hardly any money to my name anymore after moving twice in a span of 6 months searching for jobs. I’m in debt, I’m struggling to pay bills and keep myself afloat. I have taken a job but the pay will take months for me to get back on track. He tells me that money is all his, that it shouldn’t be touched until he gets back. That we’re “saving”, but I know damn well once he’s back he’ll make excuses as to why he wants a new vehicle, tattoos, etc. just to blow it all on himself. I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t know if there’s anything I can even do besides scramble to get my shit together as fast as possible so when he blindsides me with dumbass purchases with “our” money I can still stay afloat. If anyone has had a similar situation or has any opinions I would love to hear, yes he sounds like an asshole but I want opinions regarding what I should do from a financial aspect.