How do I express my feelings?


So, I really like this guy and he likes me back ( His name is Cameren by the way). He always tells me he loves me and asks me out all the time ( I say no every time!) let me tell you why.

Let me tell you how he is like, he is mean on the outside and soft on the inside. He is your typical popular kid every one knows him in my class and no one really likes him except me. He knows that I like him and I know that he likes me we both deny it when people tell us it because we both hate ourselves. Only 4 people in my school know that I like him because, if ANYONE finds out I will get teased SO much. I will admit he is not the cutest but, he has a good heart and it matters about what is on the inside not the outside as much. And I have REALLY BAD anxiety all the time so I won’t be able to handle that. And the kids in my class are can be really mean some times with out even knowing it. Now that you have heard the back story my question is How should I express my feelings to him? Cause I really want to date him. Please give me some tips or tricks to talking to him about my feelings.