Try again or wait?


Hi everyone.

I've just suffered my 4th miscarriage. We don't know why the first 2 happened but the third was a chromosome abnormality. Husband and I were both tested and are genetically fine so it was just bad luck. The most recent was twins and we are yet to find the results of why I miscarried. If there are no chromosome problems then I'm thinking the reason is bicornuate uterus as they mentioned mine looked like it was at my last scan. They didn't test for this before. Another reason could be killer cells which is less easy to test and treat from what I've read.

Anyway I'm basically waiting for a referral appt for further tests. Im desperate to try for a baby again but so scared of it happening again. Im 34 And don't want to waste any more time.

Any advice or experiences gratefully received. Thanks x