How far are you willing to go?

Okay ladies so I've been with this guy for almost 2 years everything is damn near perfect about him (to me) except 2 things and ladies please don't mind my honesty but I need to give honesty for a honest feedback.. sometimes he acts brainless ( not knowing how to talk to ppl without saying uhhhh or without them thinking he somewhat doesn't make sense..even he will get lost in his words) and the other problem is his managing money SUCKS !! his job closed down 6 months ago and I've been basically paying our rent every since, he does help when he can and he is looking for a job. Am I wrong to be annoyed? Am I dumb for holding him down threw it all. Should I be single until he gains knowledge and self responsibility? My sister says if everything else about him is good he's a good man and I need to stick by his side how far are you willing to go for the man you love despite his issues.