period almost 19 days late

i had unprotected sex 2 days before period and twice on the day period was supposed to start. i’m now almost 19 days late. i took a test one week after unprotected sex, negative. i took test 14 days after missed period, negative. i’m now almost 19 days late. when’s a good time to take another test? was 14 days late too early? i have a lot of the signs. i had very small round dark dark red blood spot in my underwear on Sunday and since then i’ve only bled yesterday and today and it wasn’t even enough to touch my underwear (i would wipe after using bathroom and it would be faint with blood). i’ve also had slightly sore breasts, my nipples are a few slight shades darker, my back hurts and ive also been pooping a lot (tmi? sorry) and lastly i’ve been eating like crazy. i’ve been nauseous once and my mouth tasted coppery and i got very hot. so basically again my question is, when should i take another test? i’m kinda freaking out. especially because the guy who would be the father doesn’t want the baby & we aren’t together. hey