Help 😢


Been suffering with low blood sugar (between 3-4mmol) for about 4 weeks now, been to GP today and she said I need to eat more and snack which I have been doing. She didn’t even check my levels this morning, and ignored my concerns with my dizziness/weakness and headaches that I get. She said it won’t be gestational diabetes as I’m not far enough along in my pregnancy and it would be high sugar levels not low. But I thought you could have GD with a low blood sugar? She said it could be due to my morning sickness as she ‘thinks it does something to your metabolism’. Bearing in mind I no longer have any morning sickness and am able to keep all food and fluids down apart from the occasional nausea!

I’m currently 19+1 pregnant. Any ideas on what I should do? Desperate to feel better again 😩