Alani Nu Balance - Fertility Supplement & PCOS


Ladies this is just a friendly suggestion, not a sells pitch at all! I’ve seen a lot of women on here that are dealing with PCOS and other hormone issues while TTC. I found out Tuesday that as it turns out I too have it. I have been taking Katy Hearn’s Balance pills this since last July along with thousands of other girls and it has done wonders. I was hesitant to get it at first, and after I came off birth control last April I didn’t have a period for 55 days. 24 hours after taking balance I started and have had regular cycles ever since. My skin has also cleared up from Acne caused by stress and everything else in life, and I feel more leveled out now. A lot of the reviews are ladies living with PCOS who have been using it consistently and it has either helped their overall symptoms, helped them to conceive, or both! It helps your body balance out hormones and increase mood and fertility. Be consistent if you decide to get it! There were a few months that I didn’t take as often. Just thought I share after I saw another girl on here comment about it. You can go over to the Alani Nu website and read the reviews for yourselves! My doctor even said he’s had girls come in with it over the past months and told me it is perfectly fine that I’m taking it. I hope you all find something that works for you and finally get your BFP . FYI...guys can take it too!