So this happened.....

So my bf and i broke up about two week ago, and i have been crying and heart broken

I tried texting him but he ignores me, ive tried to ask him how he is doing and at first he said that he still wants to be together in the future but right now we need time to heal mentally. And i was on the same page until he started ignoring me and telling me theres no chance and even cant even be friends because then it will lead to more. He told me theres only one chance and thats when he has he’s own place and car cause he doesnt want me around his family cause the dont like me and he wont go around my familybcause they dont like him. Anyways after hearing that i felt like shit, and then he comes and tell me that i can come over to talk, but go in 9 and leave at 1 before he’s family home. I expressed my confusion cause he just told me there cant be anything for a long time and he told me that he lowkey wants to have sex cause he saw a pic of me and i guess got really horny and he started to basically sext me telling me he misses my body, and that we can be friends that do that occasionally. That sex might bond us together and it’s healthy for any kind of relationship friendship or intimate. And when i told him i dont want friends with benefits, if we have sex i want it to be bf/gf he didnt seem to care about my concern, he just said so no sex on friday😢 thats fine well good night

So i dont know how to feel cause i want him and i miss him more than just sex but after reading that i dont even know who he is cause it just seems like he doesnt miss me for me