Freaking out about my Period being late for the 8 days


Hey beautiful ladies

So according to period is 8 days late. I had sex last night to see if it will

come around but every-time I go use the restrooms, I don’t see anything. It been eight days today. The most my person have been late was two or three days. I bought like 4 pregnancy test but I haven’t used them yet because I been saying it will come In couple of days. I been acting strange. This past few days I been so moody and emotional for apparently no reason. Last night, I was sleeping and I guess my neighbors was frying onions and Garlic mix together and oh boy if I told u how piss I was because the smell was just getting to me. My boyfriend was confused because I don’t normally act like that. He tried spraying the house and I got mad and I started crying. I am tired then usual and I am sleepy then usual. This morning I didn’t wanted to get out of bed at all. My question is should I wait for 14 days which is two weeks to take the pregnancy test? Or should I just take it tomorrow morning or should I just relax my mind and forget about my period and it will come it’s own time?

FYI: I started my period February 5

And it lasted until February 11

Ovulation: started February 20

I had sex February 18, 19 and 20

My boyfriend did told me that he bust a little bit in me on the 18 and the 19 and those days my chances of getting pregnant was very high.