Provera/inducing period/TTC


Ok so long story short, I have not had my period in about 10 months. I had a miscarriage at the end of April 2018, I was only 5 weeks along and I had a period for about a week but ever since then I haven’t had a period. Fast forward to now, I got an ultrasound and my doctor told me everything was normal (which was surprising to me for some reason) and I just finished day 7 of taking medroxyprogesterone in order to get my period to start. I’m honestly nervous about whether or not this is gonna work and I’m not sure about what to expect. Has anyone gone through this process before? I’m a little nervous about TTC since we’ve been trying since January 2018 and majority of the year was wasted since my period was gone. Anyone have any advice or similar experiences? Anything helps at this point 😓