I don’t know how to feel🙁

So my wedding is in May and my mom has spent 400 on my dress stuff and all My flowers for my bouquet and some decorations and there are a lot of things I still need like a guest book and and my centerpiece flowers and just little things that add up. I planned on doing a pallet backdrop which I need to buy stain for.. well my fiancé wants to buy his son a VR head set which I’m ok with I just wish it was after our wedding.. some of the things I need to buy are personalized and online.. I just hate asking my mom to buy all this stuff for me.. I don’t know how to talk to him about it. I feel like It’s not going to come together and I’m going to last minute have to settle and not having everything I wanted which is actually already very small and I made a lot of things diy so money could be saved..