Maybe or nah part two

So as we drive I’m massaging his balls and he seems to relax a bit. I lean over and kiss the corner of his jaw and neck (if that makes sense) he lets out a little whimper. For a guy that’s usually rough and tough whimper was pretty adorable. I giggle into his neck. He looks down confused and I simply tell him that was cute. To which he responds all butt hurt I’m not cute I’m sexy I laugh and kiss his neck. I let go of him stoping the hand job and asked why I stoped. I thought we were just playing around with each other. Was my earnest answer. He looked at me dead serious and pulled over. He unbuckled his seatbelt and kissed me . He started slow holding my face with one hand the other at the base of my back thumb rubbing me in circles. Starting my slowly parting my lips with his and making out steady he begins to put his younger in my mouth I play him intertwining a bit I break away and kiss him and bite softly down his bottom lip, a moan escaped his mouth. I told him it’s still a good ten minute drive to the store so wanna help me I tug at his jeans to which he pulls down under to half thigh. I can now see the bulge and pull him out with my right hand as I kiss his neck and ear. It felt quite large but when I saw him I gawked and he liked it . I told him drive but don’t ducking crash. He began to head down the highway and I started to head down his shaft.

Should I write what we did after that? This is a true story btw we are now a couple but we were sibling friends for a long time.