Spotting/FET #2

Bella • First time mom! Baby girl w/ 2nd ivf success, due 11/29/19.

I had a FET # 2 on 3/11 and I started to experience brown spotting yesterday which has been continuous. Similar to the spotting I experienced day 4 of my last failed FET. It came like clock work on day 4 of this transfer as well.

I’m on estrogen and pio and my Re has no explanation for this spotting.

Less likely implantation as it has been continuous since day 4. On my last transfer it continued until I tested negative on the beta as I was taken off of the meds and it progressively turned to a full period.

I’v had the embryos pgs tested normal. Have been checked for polyps and andometeritis as causes of spotting which were normal.

Progesterone levels have been normal.

Even did a ERA and an endometrial biopsy which were normal.

I can’t seem to wrap my head around why I am having this spotting and I’m suspecting that i’m not successfully getting pregnant because of it.

Also, it’s the same type of spotting I get 3-5 days prior to my period starting.

Has anyone been a similar situation? I’m just looking for answers!