How to get through sister’s baby shower

My older sister (1.5 years older than me) is due with her first child in May. She and I started trying around the same time, so you can imagine the heartbreak (while I am excited for her) that I’m still not pregnant after 9 months trying, while she’s due in two months. Anyway, my mom and I are hosting a baby shower for her Sunday, and I’m honestly dreading it. I come from a HUGE extended family (my mom is one of 12 kids, and I have 40+ cousins on her side of the family). All 7 of my mom’s sisters, and many of my female cousins (most of whom already have kids) will be at the shower Sunday. I KNOW that many of my cousins and aunts will ask me when I’m having kids. I’m an emotional person anyway, and honestly don’t know how I’ll stop myself from getting teary when asked. I just hate that I’m going to be put in a position where I know I’ll be asked multiple times, and I can’t do anything to get out of it. It’s just going to be a really hard day. I never thought I wouldn’t be pregnant by this point, my husband and I are both young and have had full fertility workups that came back excellent (I have clockwork 28 day cycles, while my sister who only took 2 months to conceive had crazy whacko cycles). I know I sound bitter. It’s just been an extremely tough time, and my sister’s shower is only going to open the wounds even more.