Clearblue digital OPK - question

Got my peak smilie face on Wednesday 2 September.  now I read the box, googled online but can't find my answer. I'm trying to work out whether I have a short luteral phase as my cycle is only 25 days and AF is usually 5-6 days. Therefore, would I have ovulated on Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd (still had smilie face showing) or even Friday 4th. I have tried using the little dip sticks but they are depressing trying to determine little lines and colours. Period is due on Wednesday 16 September. 
Please don't bother telling me to go to my doctors... My doctors don't care. I'm under 35, I've just "got to be patient and let nature do its thing". Well F**** that I'm tired of not being a mother. 
TIA for your help and thoughts.