Hey ladies

So I'm due in 14 days and I'm really depressed idk if its hormones doing it to me or what but I just have this feeling that my fiancé is cheating on me or talking and flirting with another girl it was the second night that hes stayed up all night on his phone I tried watching a movie with him and all he does is oh you should go to bed Hun you don't look like you feel good or he says I look tired and then when I wake up in the morning hours at like 2 -4 am and he's out side on his phone and smoking cigarettes or his phones turned away from me why he's sitting in bed so I can't see what he's doing he use to let me use his phone when ever I wanted and now when I ask to use it when my phones dead he's says his is dead then ten minutes later I catch him on it when he's out smoking he won't even have sex with me anymore he complains that I ask for it to much and  now I just feel like he doesn't want me or his children idk what to do I'm sorry for the long vent post but I'm a mess and feel like crying