Miscarriage Labor Day and doctor says to come in 2 weeks

I'm so confused. I found out I was pregnant late august. And Monday(Labor Day) I started having terrible cramps and bleeding. I knew slmetbing was wrong. I called my doctor but they were closed. I went to urgent care, where they said I was having a miscarriage but there was not anything they could do. I called my obgyn the following day when they opened and they set up an appointment for me to come in, in 2 weeks the 21st of September. My question is... Is 2 weeks too long to wait to see someone going through a miscarriage or is that normal?!? This is the first time it has happened to me, and I'm totally heartbroken and I'm
Confused because I thought they would want to do blood work and all that earlier than two weeks later. Please any insight would be appreciated.