Stories from Mama's on baby #2

Courtney • {Married 9 years}《Boy mom》🌈rainbow#1🐉Oct 2011🌈🌈rainbow#2🐼Sept 2017♡ 3 Angel babies 😇😇😇

Need a distraction from life... tell me, how old is your first baby? Tell me whatever you want, this day is going to go by so slow while I'm waiting on Dr to call with 2nd HCG levels.

My rainbow baby is 4 next month, he's so much fun and only recently started asking about a brother or sister :) I'm really hoping to give him one! 2 days before I took a test or even had an idea that I might be pregnant he kept feeling my stomach all day and was saying "mom let me see your baby! " I was like I don't have one yet! 2 days later got a bfp! How crazy, I've heard littles can sense it, he's also been overly clingy towards me too.