10 weeks today!!

It's great feeling to get into the double digits! But also so scary. My husband and I had a missed miscarriage back in January. At 7 weeks we had our first appointment and saw and heard our baby's heartbeat. Then at our second appointment there was no heartbeat. It was the most horrible feeling in my life. And the 5-10 minutes and multiple doctors coming in to double check felt like a lifetime. My husband and I were so devastated. I had a d and c a week later and bled for about a month afterward. We were both so excited when I got my bfp in July but also so scared to be excited. Luckily everything seems to be going great so far. We last got to see and hear our baby's heartbeat at 8w5d but that was right around when we lost the baby last time. I have my next appointment on Tuesday and I'm so excited and scared and nervous to hear that little heartbeat!! I'm sure everything will be perfect but I find myself getting so scared!! I just keep praying for our baby's safety and that everything is as it should be!! Sorry for the rant. Just feeling so nervous!!!