A little help here?

I am currently on CD 23 of my usual 35-38 day cycles . Last cycle Ovulation was confirmed with positive opk on CD 25. This cycle I have decided not to test with opks or do much checking . Well on September 6th I had a GUSH of ewcm. And didn't think much of it. I took an opk the next day just to see what would pop up and to my surprise it was almost positive and only got lighter from there and vanished . So I assume I O'ed on the 7th. Which would be great because my boyfriend and I DTD the day before , day of and day after the 7th. And also makes a lot of sense because CP was high soft and open & I had O pains around this time. If you take all that into consideration I would now be at 4dpo. I had sex today and it was painful on my left side (where my O pains were). I have also been having vivid nightmares for the past 3-4 days.  What do you ladies think of this ?