Our relationship revolves around him! (Rant)

Today was the final straw. I've always planned my schedule around his, and I hoped he would catch on and meet me in the middle. But no. It's all about when HE wants to go to the gym, when HE wants to go drinking with his friends, when HE wants to go play basketball. And I'm supposed to bend over backwards for him and what he wants. And I take the time to manage my schedule so that I have time for him. The final straw happened today. My dad (who I see maybe once in a few months because he lives far away) called me today and invited me and my SO to come with him to our family cabin for the weekend. I asked my SO and he said "I thought WE were going to the brewery and downtown later." We??!!! No, those were his plans that he once again just ASSUMES I'm going to follow like a puppy. Sorry for thinking that this would take priority over getting drunk??? I'm one step from cutting him off for the weekend and just going to spend time with my dad by myself. But you know what he'll be doing? Having the time of his life at the bars with the bros and not feeling an ounce of guilt. I'm so done.