My advice

So it's been a week since I've given birth to my son. I wanted to share my tips and opinions about packing your hospital bag. The mesh panties they give at the hospital are comfortable for a woman sized 12 and under. I'm a size 14 and they were quite snug. May I suggest buying adult diapers. I also packed over night, heavy flow pads which were nice to have since the hospital pads are not long. 
Invest in a nursing bra. It was very comfy and gives you quick access to privacy when you need, 
That first poop after is just as scary as the birth. It's no joke! I was also constipated for 3 days after, even with the stool softener. The doctor suggested a pill to stick up my butt. Not a fan of the this idea, I bought some dried prunes. About an hour later I was finally able to poop. So pack some prunes, Cheerios and other high fiber snacks. 
Thanks for reading and good luck mamas! Just remember to breathe through contractions! In your nose, out your mouth ❤️