I need a break

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I'm 11wks pregnant with our 3rd baby. I have been so sick since the very beginning of the pregnancy. I was throwing up so much before I started my 2 meds for nausea/vomiting. Now I'm still sick just not throwing up and I have no energy at all. Just taking care of the kids is killing me. I am going insane. My hubby was being very helpful in the beginning but has been no help lately. Last night he went to bed without helping me put the kids to bed even after I asked for his help. Wednesday I was very sick I was sitting in the shower trying to get my stomach to calm down and he brings our youngest up to me and then sends our oldest up to get in too. He knew I was sick I don't understand why he would send the kids up to me to bath them. When he brought our youngest up I even asked him not to leave him with me but he did anyways. Then he came up complaining about how he needed a shower so he could go to bed. He won't discipline the kids at all. He just sits on his ass yelling at them all day. The house is a mess and our laundry is piling up and he won't lift a finger. Instead yells at me about it. He sits there while I try to get stuff done and our youngest follows behind me crying (he's having a terrible time teething. 5 teeth at once) then watches my oldest who's 4 go behind me like a tornado undoing everything. I can't even fold the laundry without having to fold the same thing 5 times. I know what the kids are doing is all normal. I could handle it when I was well. But I don't have the energy or strength to keep that up right now. I just need some help. I can't even talk to him about it. I literally get 3 hours of sleep a night because of how sick I am I can't sleep. Then I'm up with the kids by 7:30 am. Idk what to do. I can't keep this up. I don't even want to lay next to him anymore. I can't stand his face right now. Help me!!!