Scary symptoms?!

CBRNPH • TTC our first from Jan `14 - Aug `15. Married since 07/08/09. Our baby was born 5/11/16. ☺️
I have no idea how far I am. My last period was June 30 but August 2 I had a short one. I found out September 6 with strong positive lines that I'm pregnant. I have no appetite and have had 2 bad headaches since I found out. I have had cramps for 2 weeks off and on but they go from all over to focused on my lower left side. I feel like it's too early for my lower back to be hurting. No spotting since August 2. My first appointment is 9/16 and this is my first pregnancy. I've had soft stools and just overall tired. Are one sided cramps usually indicative an ectopic pregnancy? 😕 😓 😢