Waiting game

I'm a ftm at 38w5d and I lost my mucus plug this morning, I should say I've been losing it since then rather. 
Twice there was a lot of mucus when I went to the bathroom and a few times there has been a small amount on my panty liners. Yesterday the midwife stripped my membranes. I was 2cm dilated & 50% effaced. I had a little bit of spotting (which is terrifying when you haven't seen blood for 9 months) 😱
I could also tell my belly dropped a bit last night. 
Baby was VERY active for about 7 hours throughout the night. He was moving more than ever before! (No sleep) 💤
I haven't been hurting very bad but I can feel that something is happening. 
Making sure everything is packed and going to take a last minute trip to the grocery store! Hopefully I'll have a baby before the weekend is over!! 
I'm excited and terrified at the same time. 
Wish me luck!