Severe Dizzy Spell

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Hello everyone,

I'll get straight to it...

About a month ago, my husband & I were getting out of the car to head in to the grocery store. I had been feeling just fine all day.

I guess it was pretty hot outside, but as I was walking I suddenly felt extremely light headed.

My breathing felt shorter, as bright as it was it seemed to be getting dark.

My vision was getting blurry. I felt like I was actually going to faint.

It was so scary. Once we finally reached the store entrance (which felt like ages),

I sat down in the cool air, a nice lady handed me a bottle of water, and I just had to relax for a few.

After maybe 10-15mins I got up & was able to walk around the store just fine.

Now today it happened again....

This time I was just laying in bed, in the AC!!

I wasn't feeling good, I felt really nauseous.

So I tried to get up and walk it off.

By the time I reached my hallway a few seconds later the fainting feeling started to hit me.

I made it to the fridge to grab some water, then I sat down on the kitchen floor...

I still felt really light headed, and thought I was going to vomit, so I made my way to the restroom.

I'm sipping some cold water & sitting down, but I have no idea what the heck just happened. No idea what caused it.

I plan on asking my Dr. about it at our next appt.

Has anyone ever experienced this or something similar? Any idea what may have caused it? I thought possible dehydration, but not sure.

I'll be 7mos tomorrow.