Semen allergy!!

Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, but I want to share this with anyone who might be having trouble conceiving and is experiencing these symptoms.
For around two years I have been experiencing what I thought was "recurring yeast infection" and have tried many different creams,pills,pessaries etc. and nothing worked. I was also given treatment for bacterial vaginitis. I was experiencing an intense burning sensation inside and around my vagina, I had no idea what it was! I researched everything. I even changed my whole diet and stopped eating foods with yeast in. So I started to write down when it happened and began to see a pattern, it was happening around half an hour after my partner ejaculated inside me. So I researched some more and finally found an answer, I had all the symptoms of a semen allergy! This can make it very hard to conceive. My gynaecologist also thinks I have this and i am ongoing tests.
For anyone who thinks they might have this and is having trouble conceiving, please go to your doctor! Symptoms of semen allergy include redness, swelling, itching and burning wherever the semen contacted with your skin. Symptoms usually start within the first 20 to 30 minutes of contact and may last for hours or days.