Labor vs induction

So I'm due in January with my 5th baby. I had a miscarriage in Dec but 20 wks now. Everything is great but after the miscarriage my body is totally different. Anyway, with all 4 I was induced. This time I want to be but since my body is so different with this pregnancy this time the fact of possibly having the baby naturally scares me. What scares me is I am a daycare provider, I have 3 children in 2 diff schools and my mom lives 40 mins away and my husband would beat  work. I have in my head that natural labor is fast and less painful so I have myself wondering will I have enough time to get someone to get my kids from school, someone to stay with daycare kids until their parents come and will my husband get here in time to take me to the hospital about 40 mins away. Ladies, please tell me how your natural labor progressed and how much time do you really have from the onset to when you're ready to push. Lol. I know it seems crazy but I tolerated induction very well as others say it's so much more painful. I also never used an epidural. My pain tolerance is high and want to be sure everything will be ok if I go into labor naturally. Thanks so much ladies!