Livid with doctors!

🐝-zz off!
I'm having hip surgery in 10 days, I have a fracture I've been dealing with since April, the doctor decides now to place 3 pins in my hip after over 12 weeks of non weight barring. Not healing, so, I've been in extreme pain, and told me he wasn't giving me anything to help it, to take Tylenol... For a fractured hip!!! Tylenol is a joke! I saw my primary doctor for my medical clearance for the surgery today. My BP was high and she does not understand why the doctor performing the surgery would not prescribe me anything for pain, nor do I. Last night, after being in severe pain for 4 straight days, I sent a message through the patient portal, explaining the amount of pain I am in, and clearly explaining I am following all of the advice given to me by the surgeon. I received a message back telling me that they called in a prescription for me, however that particular prescription is on the list of medications to avoid taking two weeks before the surgery. I don't abuse medication and I don't think it's fair when people are legitimately in pain doctors treat patients like they are all "junkies". I wrote back clearly explaining I am not going to take the medication they prescribed to me because I am following all the guidelines before the surgery. I have 10 days left until the surgery and now I am rethinking it because how I am being treated. I am worried now how I'll be treated after the surgery. I'm fed up with doctors and the assumption that people who complain of pain, that medication is being abused! If I were to abuse medication, I wouldn't ask a doctor, and it wouldn't be for a low dose of Percocet. This is insane!