Is this a twin?

Maeghan • 1st pregnancy, total surprise, crazy excited!!
Hello everyone! I'm brand new and just found out I'm pregnant! This was a total surprise as I had been told there was only a VERY small chance I could ever get prego! (Pcod, endometriosis, etc) but yay!!! My husband and I are so excited!!! Since I have very irregular cycles I had a dating ultrasound done and found out I was just over 5 weeks. (I am now 5 weeks 4 days). I didn't have this done at a doctor, because they could not get me in at the time and my insurance has not yet kicked in (it will next week! Yay!). It was done at a pregnancy clinic. They were able to see the gestational sac at this point and gave me my date by that.... My question is.... There is one larger black circle... And one smaller one by it... Is this a twin?? I ask because twins run in my family. Almost every generation on my mothers side has had twins! So... Just wondering if anyone else sees this too or has seen this? Am I just making this up in my head? Let me know what you think! Either way i don't care... We are so excited!