I'm starting to feel like everything is going wrong

Tameria • I`m 21| |college student |Mother of two|
I need to vent first of I'm a ftm to a Babygirl 1 month now before I got pregnant I felt fine like I had control over life when I was pregnant I was ok now after having the baby I feel like everything is wrong with me it feels like my health is trying to get worse than ever before mind you I wasn't feeling this way prior to pregnancy I'm getting stuff like neck pains with sharp stinging feeling I was getting headaches I had started getting back pains different stuff that hasn't really bothered me before now is bothering me I'm young I shouldn't feel like this Idk if it's hormones or what but my body is different now after the baby I feel like I'm going crazy and no one understands Idk what to do I just got my iud birth control a week ago hoping this doesn't make me feel worse Idk if anyone this has happened to or not but I want to feel like my happy normal self before my daughter