Epidural or no?

This is my second pregnancy and I do not want to have an epidural. I did with my first child and I hated how I felt. I couldn't even tell if I was pushing and there were multiple times I thought I was but I wasn't. I couldn't walk around at all. I was a vegetable for six hours. And then after my daughter was born I couldn't even sit myself up to watch her daddy give her a bath. 
This time I would like to be able to use a birthing ball and walk around and be out of bed basically until I can't anymore but I am afraid that the pain will be too much and I will give in to an epidural. Especially because everyone thinks I'm crazy for not wanting one. 
Did anyone else use a different pain blocker? Or go natural and how did you cope? Also do you think I might have had a bad reaction to the epidural? Let me hear your birth stories!