Baby's weight at 21 weeks. HELP!

🎀Stephanie🎀 • Mommy of 2boys, Kaiden who is 5 and now baby BRODY 💙 January 2016💙love my hubby💙
So I went for my ultrasound where they check on everything. Make sure the baby is healthy. And I was told he weighs around 1 lb 7 oz. and he's on the big side. When I looked it up for 21 weeks it says he should be 12oz. What were you told about your babies weight??  Is it ok that he's a little big?  I eat so healthy (minus my once a month cheat) I'm confused. And kinda worried 😢. She said he's perfectly healthy. So I know that's great but made it seem bad that he's so big.   Could I possibly have diabetes ? I hear that makes for bigger babies ... But my dr said he's not worrie and I'll wait until 26 weeks to do the test.... 😒