Upset over gender reveal?

I wasn't sure I wanted to know in general but my husband wanted to know so badly I agreed to find out. We found out 2 days ago and I said we would tell immediate family (like our moms )  but I wanted to wait before telling everyone else. Wanted to do some sort of gender reveal thing. He knew this and I found out yesterday he has told pretty much everyone he knows. (Like his entire office) he said I was being ridiculous wanting to keep it a secret and he's really happy and excited so why not share. He did this with announcing I was pregnant too. I wanted to wait til the 12 weeks were past before announcing outside of the immediate family (we spent years TTC and I was nervous bc I've had a mc before w/ a previous relationship) he swears it just slipped out on that one... Am I being ridiculous or do I have reason to be upset?