I feel crazy!

I know I posted yesterday but today I have another test that I feel like has a line and I can see it if I edit the picture. I am about to lose hope and just say it's evap lines but I thought those were a skinny line..I feel like this is super thick but so light with the lighter tint of blue. I just came off bc in July so maybe I ovulated later..my last period was aug 10 which would make me 4 weeks 5 days. I am going nuts! I just want an answer - I did call my dr and she said a line is a line!!! But I don't know how confident I am since I have to have the light hit it a certain way & it doesn't seem to be darker! Maybe I'm at the very beginning but I'm going crazy! I posted a photo..please no mean posts!  I don't understand why they wouldn't be darker everyday!! They are staying the same!