Scary Night! 😥

Devon - 💙 3 Sweet Boys 💕 Baby Girl Feb 2021💕

This is my third baby and I am 23 weeks 3 days pregnant. Last night I took a nice warm bath like normal and I went pee and wiped and when I looked there was blood on the tissue. 😳 I have gone through three pregnancies and NEVER ONCE have I seen a drop of blood or pink or anything like that until I was about to give birth. Not even spotting in the first trimester, nothing.

I was pretty horrified and called my husband at work and didn't know what to do with it being Friday night. So he called my OB office for me and talked to a triage nurse that was on call and she got all my information and called me back and then the on call doctor at the hospital where I'm supposed to deliver. Because it wasn't a lot of blood, just spotting, she told me to just monitor it and come into Labor & Delivery if I see any more blood at all or get any cramping this weekend. So far since I woke up this morning and also went pee last night after that first time I haven't seen any blood at all or spotting. I do have a little bit of a backache and what feels like period cramps, so I have been laying down on the couch since I woke up.

I fully plan to call and go in on Monday morning to get a exam to make sure my cervix is still closed and I'm not dilated & to try to see where the blood came from. Like I said, it's not alot, it was less than a quarter size of pinkish red spotting and then it hasn't happened again, but I am just really really scared because out of the six years that I've been having babies I have never seen blood before during the months of pregnancy.

Has anyone had spotting around this time in their pregnancy or a previous pregnancy and everything has been okay?

I have no idea what this could be & I'm just really nervous about any blood at all that is coming out of me at this point. 😳