Day 44 of my cycle. 12 days late. Still waiting. ⏰

Me 🌼

Anyone else? I've received 6 BFNs. I feel like I'm a bipolar cycle fanatic! Some days I'm ready for AF so I can start my next cycle and others I'm still hoping for that BFP! I feel like I'm being cheated out of cycle days by being this late if AF ends up coming. 👊

I've even started to evaluate my Glow Calendar to see what chance we had if I ovulated sooner or later than expected.

It may be stress. Going through an emotionally stressful situation with my mom having stage 4 cancer. 😳 But, this was our first month TTC so I had hope, especially because I'm usually pretty regular. Mom was diagnosed in February, but the staging and other information was given to us in April.