My husband and I have been TTC for about three maybe four months now.. I was supposed to get my period on Friday 3/15, on Wednesday 3/20 I started getting very light brown discharge when I wiped. It has happened about once daily since then. About once a day it will be very light brown discharge, not period blood, no period cramps, nothing. My boobs don't hurt, I don't necessarily "feel pregnant". But I have not officially gotten my period. Idk what's going on, usually implantation bleeding occurs before your supposed period, this is happening four days after my expected period date. Oh and all pregnancy test up until now have been negative. Any idea what this could mean? Am I preg am I not preg? Are my hormones just acting up? This is completely abnormal for me. My cycles are always on time and very heavy flow. What happening, help. I'm wasting so much $ on pregnancy tests my hubby's about to kill me lol