I breastfed my first daughter for 8 months. And now my second daughter is 5 weeks and I'm breastfeeding but I am HATING IT! Just like I feared I would! With my first I complained all the time how it sucked to have a baby stuck to me ALL the time I cant get up and cook eat grab a water bottle much less clean my house! At least if I formula fed someone else could feed her! I could take a shower without panicking that she will need to eat. And most of all I could know how much she was getting so I wouldnt over feed and have her sitting up everywhere all the time!! But after that all the guilt floods in!!! But my 1st had 9 months of breast milk I'm a SAHM I should breastfeed what will others say! Why cant I just be happy to be able to breastfeed I dont understand why I have to feel so ashamed and full of guilt about this!

Anyone else dealt with this? Please help!