What are some of the most annoying pieces of “advice” you’ve received?

Mine are mostly from my husbands family.

His sister, especially.

“Make sure not to feed him too much.”

“His stomach looks big, you should talk to his pediatrician about that.”

“Why does he have hiccups, that doesn’t seem normal. You should talk to his pediatrician about that.”

“I know all about safe sleep, make sure you are putting him in his bassinet.”

“Why is he naked? He should have clothes on.”

“Are you sure it’s okay to give his gas drops? You should ask his pediatrician about that.” (Even though I told her I had already asked lol)

“I don’t think it’s normal he has so much gas, is he sick?”

“You shouldn’t give him water.” NOW WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD I GIVE MY 7 WEEK OLD WATER? WHY?

“What is gripe water? Are you sure that’s okay to give to him? You should be careful.”

“Make sure if you have a beer to not breastfeed.”

Overbearing, 40,000 questions, too many opinions... I can’t stand it sometimes. I know she’s just concerned or whatever but holy shit... please lay off.